Daniele as Your Designer


Daniele Naude is a professional and talented South African fashion

designer specialising mainly in the exclusive design and stunning creation of:

- Bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses

- Evening and formal wear for year-end functions, matric farewells and more

- Cocktail dresses for all special occasions and events

- Costume design and creation for themed functions and other productions

- Exclusive Collections for Boutiques

- Fashion Show Collections


It's not JUST a dress ... it's YOUR dress!

Whereas many other boutiques and stockists of bridal, formal and other garments would refer you to simply choose “whatever dress” you want from a catalogue, or to pick from “whatever is on the shelf”, Daniele’s designs are different.  Daniele knows that each and every one of her clients are unique and wants to look absolutely gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful on their special day, whether it’s their wedding day or another special occasion.

For Daniele a dress is not JUST a dress, it’s YOUR dress and in the case of your wedding day for instance it’s the only one you will ever wear. It needs to be special and it needs to be simply stunning and made exclusively for YOU!


Your Perfect Style

Daniele recognises that each one of her clients have their own personal style as well as their own loves and likes in colours and cuts when it comes to fashion. In this way and particularly in all the exclusive designs and creations by Daniele, she ensures that the importance of designing all garments along the unique and personal style of her clients is never overlooked.

During your initial consultation with Daniele she will discuss your exact needs and requirements for the garment. She will help you to determine your perfect style and carefully explore all elements of the design into the finest detail. She will also listen to the vision and the picture in your mind and possibly the one you have been carrying around with you all your life in hope that one day you will have your dream dress made just for you.

It’s important to recognise that all women are not equal in length, shape or other body measurements and often what you see an “airbrushed” model wearing in a catalogue would not look the same on you. Some fabrics also fall on and caress our bodies differently, and some colours are not suitable for everyone due to clashing with our unique skin tone and colours. In this way Daniele will help you in determining the colours, silhouette and style that would complement you and enhance your best features.


Exclusive and Beautiful Design and Creation

Together with you, Daniele will carefully plan every little detail that would go into the design of your garment to turn what might at first seem like a simple length of fabric into the most beautiful and exclusive creation you have ever seen. The end result is then always a stunning creation, comfortable, fitting and unique to each client.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Daniele, and take the first step in making your dreams come true.


Designing for Boutiques and Fashion Shows

Daniele is also continuously keeping up with the latest trends and busy with the design of new and exclusive collections. She welcomes Boutique owners, event organisers for fashion shows as well as participants in modelling and fashion competitions and events to contact her and discuss any specific needs they might have.